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Smeding Diesel S300 turbo kit for the 2019+ 6.7 Cummins

Smeding Diesel S300 turbo kit for the 2019+ 6.7 Cummins

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Smeding Diesel S300 Turbo Kit for the ’19+ 6.7L Cummins

 The variable geometry Holset on your 6.7L Cummins is a neat piece of turbo engineering, but unfortunately, it’s notorious for failure. Steady exposure to soot, carbon buildup and corrosion often immobilizes the moveable VGT components in the exhaust housing. Other times, the electronically controlled VGT actuator checks out. If you’re tired of the failures associated with the factory VGT, it’s time to consider a permanent solution.

 A Tried-and-True Turbo

For decades, the S300 has been a popular aftermarket alternative for Cummins owners seeking improved reliability and performance. This turbo platform’s ability to handle higher boost and faster shaft speeds means it’s much better suited to the demands most diesel owners place on their trucks. Additional benefits include lower EGT and less drive pressure, which means an easier life for your engine (especially the head gasket). The S300 turbo’s simplistic, fixed geometry design further lends itself to longevity thanks to having no vanes to seize up and no actuator to fail.

 More Performance & Added Reliability—At A Fraction of the Cost

In addition to an upgraded turbo, our comprehensive kit comes with everything you need to install an S300 on your ’19+ 6.7L Cummins. This includes a new, two-piece T4 divided exhaust manifold, which outflows the factory unit and provides for quicker spool up. Fresh exhaust manifold gaskets and mounting bolts simplify manifold installation, and the supplied coolant plugs, oil drain extension, and turbo drain gasket make the job as straightforward as possible. And, with our S300 Turbo Kit starting at $2,200 it’s considerably more affordable than any replacement (and even remanufactured) OEM VGT!

Seamless Integration

Thanks to our upgraded exhaust manifold positioning the S300 in the stock location, all of the factory components surrounding the turbo can be retained. That means your factory air intake, downpipe, and intercooler piping don’t have to be changed out (a welcomed cost savings). We streamline the installation of our kit even further by supplying you with all necessary hardware, hose clamps, gaskets, and fittings required for the job.

Sized For Every Application

As with all of our turbo kits, the S300 system for the 6.7L Cummins ranges from a standard cast compressor wheel option for stock fuel trucks to a billet wheel version capable of supporting more than 650 hp. Our 62mm and 66mm cast compressor wheel options feature time-tested, cast-aluminum construction, a proven 7-blade design, and represent the most cost-effective wheel option in our arsenal. Our billet compressor wheels are CNC machined out of a solid block (billet) of aluminum to our exact specifications. These upgraded wheels are lighter, provide quicker spool up, and range in size from 63mm all the way up to 72mm. But make no mistake, even the cast 62mm option is a major upgrade from the factory VGT. For utmost durability, we also offer heavy duty and extreme duty 360-degree thrust bearing assemblies.


*Improved performance and reliability

*Proven, fixed geometry S300 platform

*Higher boost potential

*Reduced EGT

*High-flow T4 divided exhaust manifold for quicker spool up

*System retains the factory air intake, downpipe, and intercooler piping

*Supports higher horsepower (650+ HP depending on the turbo you choose)

*Most customers see a 1-2 mpg gain

*No more coolant supply (one less job for the cooling system to perform)

 *Billet 72mm SXE-R compressor (only available with 360-degree thrust bearing upgrade)

*Billet 63mm SXE-R compressor (only available with 360-degree thrust bearing upgrade)

 Cast vs. Billet explanation:

The term cast wheel is referencing the material used to produce the compressor wheel. Our cast wheels are made of cast aluminum, and they are a 7-blade design, this style wheel has been around for many years and is very reliable. Cast wheel are the most cost-effective wheel option we offer.

Billet wheel means that the compressor wheel is made from a solid block of aluminum that is CNC machined to our exact specification. Billet wheels are much more advanced wheels compared to their cast wheel counterparts because we can use a stronger material, more aggressive blade designs, and make them lighter weight then a cast wheel. Billet wheels will provide faster spool up and make more horsepower than a cast wheel will. Most of our billet wheel utilize a 6-blade design!

Thrust bearing explanation:

We offer three different thrust bearings: Standard, Heavy Duty and Steel 360* bearing. 

Our standard bearing is very robust and extremely reliable when used with in its design limits, but in our high-performance industry many of our customers like to push the limits so we decided to offer bearings that would help them push those limits!

Our next step up from a standard bearing is the Heavy-Duty bearing, this bearing is great for guys that are heavy haulers and beat on these trucks every day. The Heavy Duty bearing uses a custom cut bearing to allow the bearing to handle more abuse.

Finally, we have the big dog of thrust bearings, our Steel 360* thrust bearing is the strongest bearing option we offer. This bearing has 360* of coverage and has a very aggressive pitch on the oiling surface allowing our turbos to be used in very extreme duty applications. We recommend this bearing on trucks being used in racing applications.  

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