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Smeding Diesel Non VGT T4 S300 kit for 2003-07 Ford 6.0L Powerstroke with Turbo Gen 2

Smeding Diesel Non VGT T4 S300 kit for 2003-07 Ford 6.0L Powerstroke with Turbo Gen 2

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Smeding Diesel Non VGT T4 S300 Gen 2 Kit For 2003-2007 Ford 6.0 Powerstroke with Turbo

If the goal for your ’03-’07 Ford 6.0L Powerstroke includes higher horsepower and improved reliability, it’s time to get rid of the factory VGT. Our non-VGT T4 S300 turbo kit supports added performance without sacrificing drivability, and a simplified overall design means no more stuck vanes, seized unison ring, or faulty solenoid headaches to deal with. Thanks to the airflow improvement a T4 foot, S300-based turbo provides, your 6.0L Powerstroke will shine at mid-range and higher rpm, and you’ll also see reduced EGT.

New And Improved

Improving on the original non-VGT T4 S300 system, our Gen 2 turbo kit eliminates the aluminum turbo pedestal. By retaining the OEM pedestal, you can reuse your 6.0L Powerstroke’s factory exhaust, air intake, and hot-side intercooler pipe. In addition, the proprietary exhaust housing offered on all of our S300 turbochargers allows for seamless integration with the OEM pedestal and oil drain line.

What It Comes With

Our non-VGT T4 S300 turbo kit is a bolt-on proposition that comes with everything you’ll need for a smooth installation. This includes heavy-duty T304 stainless steel up-pipes with a high-flow, T4 flange, the aforementioned T4 exhaust housing that accommodates the factory turbo pedestal, -6 oil supply line and -6 fittings, and all required installation hardware. You also get your choice of a hand-built Smeding Diesel turbo.

Turbo Options

From tow rigs and everyday workhorses to drag racers and sled pullers, we have the right turbo for you. Our entry-level charger is a cast compressor wheel S362 that utilizes Smeding’s proven 68mm turbine wheel. The next size up, our billet wheel S363 SXE also makes use of the 68mm turbine (along with the performance-engineered billet S363 SXE-R option). Beginning with our billet wheel S364.5 S300, the larger (higher-flowing) 73mm turbine wheel is introduced, and is used in our cast S366, billet S366 SXE, billet S369 SXE, and billet S372 SXE-R units. All of our T4 S300 turbos come with a .91 A/R exhaust housing.

For Reference:

*An S366/74/.91 A/R will support 600-640 hp, and 190cc to 225cc injectors are recommended

*A cast S362/68/.91 A/R will support 500 to 600 hp, and 155cc to 190cc injectors are recommended

Upgrade Options

*360-degree thrust bearing (extreme duty, steel construction)

*Billet 63mm SXE compressor

*Billet SXE-R 63mm compressor

*Billet 64.5mm SXE compressor

*Cast 66mm compressor

*Billet 66mm SXE compressor

*Billet 69mm SXE compressor

*Billet 72mm SXE-R compressor

Notes On Our Kit:

*A two-piece downpipe is required

*If you’re running a regulated return, it must utilize a hard line on the back of the head

*The supplied AN oil feed fitting adapter will reuse the factory O-ring

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