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Pusher Intake System with Turbo Inlet for 2017 - 2019 Ford F250/350 6.7L Powerstroke

Pusher Intake System with Turbo Inlet for 2017 - 2019 Ford F250/350 6.7L Powerstroke

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1/8 in NPT Ports

This product is not emissions compliant. Off-road use only.

The Pusher Intake System for the 2017-2019 Ford F250/350 6.7L Powerstroke has undergone extensive research, design, and testing to obtain perfectly balanced air delivery and compatibility across numerous turbo configurations. It replaces the entire anemic factory intake manifold, plastic cold side charge tube and turbo inlet.

The Pusher Intake Manifold delivers maximum and perfectly equalized air flow to each cylinder head. The Pusher cold side charge tube is routed via the shortest most efficient flow path, and replaces the failure-prone stock cold side charge tube, eliminating the risk of blowing a plastic component. 

Because the stock turbo inlet is integrated into the factory intake manifold on the 2015 and up model year trucks a new turbo inlet is necessary to install any form of new intake manifold. The Pusher Powerflow Turbo Inlet design results in a 15% increase in airflow over stock while still maintaining the factory mounting points and CCV plumbing. Stock cold air systems - and aftermarket cold air systems that bolt to your stock turbo inlet - are fully compatiable with the Pusher Powerflow Turbo Inlet.

  • The entire system is constructed around mandrel-bent steel tubing with CNC-machined sensor ports and flanges for an insanely rugged system designed and built to last the life of your truck.
  • Includes all new HD silicone connections, full stainless T-bolt clamps, gaskets, hardware, and a CCV reroute kit for a 100% complete bolt on install.
  • Fully TIG welded with precise settings to achieve optimum penetration without compromising air flow Tested for over two years with Pusher's North American dealer network to ensure this is the best intake system available.
  • Compatible with all of the soon to release Pusher turbo systems, 2015+ factory turbos and most fixed geometry turbo upgrades, please call us for the latest compatibility list.
  • Additional options include various powder coat colors, and extra ports.


  • Dyno proven 150F EGT drop on stock turbo and stock fueled trucks;
    bigger gains can be expected with higher performance applications
  • 0.5-1 MPG gains
  • Increased turbo spool Proven and tested for compound turbo system level boost pressures

*This product is for off-road use only. It is the responsibility of the truck owner to ensure safe and lawful use of this product*

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