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Deviant Return Fuel Tank Sump

Deviant Return Fuel Tank Sump

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Deviant's new design addresses being able to place a return sump under the factory sending unit in the tank. This is the sweet spot for all fuel levels. Having it forward or in back of the sending unit can cause issues with low fuel during those rowdy moments stabbing on the throttle or getting on the brakes hard..

Only one hole to drill in the tank means less chances for a leak. The Deviant sump ring also has more surface area than the competitors, so you have a more positive sealing surface. The return sump uses the same size mounting hole (3.25") as the non return sump. Feel like upgrading? It will bolt right in place.

  • Kit Comes with:
  • Billet Sump
  • 1 Piece Internal Billet Ring
  • Square O-Ring for a LEAK FREE seal
  • Stainless Hardware
  • Barbed Fittings for fuel line

To download installation instructions, click here.

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